Whilst studying computer science, I always felt different. I cared deeply about the visual components of programming. After college, I would spend my nights learning about HTML, CSS, design, animations, etc. I started cultivating a passion for the web as I realised it's power and universality compared to any sort of native compiled application.

When in college, it was clear to me that I was going to work with web technologies. I went on take a position at Serafine, as intern part of the e-commerce team working with front-end technologies, such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript to build UI improvements. It was not enought to fuel my passion for front-end too, so I decided look for a new challenge.

After 8 months at Serafine, I accepted a front-end developer role at Sambatech, where I had the opportunity to work on award projects for top level brazilian brands such as Porto Seguro and Ambev producing all sorts of high-end web-based solutions based on client's needs.

In early 2021, I took another challenge and I accepted a front-end engineer role at numa, an international company based in Germany, where I had the opportunity to develop new features to the projects and craft an incredible experience for the users.

I am absolutely passionate about the web and I focus my expertise in front-end development. With 3 years experience in web development and great collaboration skills, notably with design and UX people, I am a solid addition to any team.


Professional Experience


Front-end Engineer@ numa

Mar 2022 - present

I helped numa build the next generation of their products, creating new features, applying new technologies and introducing best practices.

Shout out to the Digital Check-in project where I had the full ownership, architecturing and developing new features such as document scanning and returning guest journey, making the user journey easier, faster and with a better experience. With all those new features, we could increase the number of check-ins from 50 per day to 500 per day. The application was build with TypeScript, Next.js, TailwindCSS and React Query.

I also worked in other projects like the Website and Trip Manager, which we developed new features such as guest account and extend stay using Server Side Rendering and Static Site Generation. The application was build with TypeScript, Next.js, GraphQL and Styled Components.


Front-end Developer@ Sambatech

May 2020 - Mar 2021

During my time at Sambatech, I helped build large scale web applications. These ranged from admin software to realtime video applications.

Notably, one of the projects I worked on for Ambev was very challenging. Together with internal front-end and back-end developers, I architectured and developed a livestream platform with a lot of realtime features, such as chat, polls and exclusive discounts on other websites. The application was build with JavaScript, React and SWR.

I also worked on a project for Porto Seguro, which we developed an education platform with a dashboard for helping people who have lost their jobs because of COVID.


FullStack Developer@ Serafine

Oct 2019 - May 2020

⁠I started my career as an intern at Serafine where I created an internal platform which enabled franchisees to improve their sales and how to better manage their stores. The application was build with React and Node.js.

I also contributed in UI improvements on the e-commerce, which made it more intuitive and attractive for customers to use. The technologies I used were HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

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